Sunday, July 24, 2011

I won't go go go

Hi blog. Sorry I've been so inattentive, and treated you like my Tamagotchi (which I loved at first, then forgot to feed, and then watched die, multiple times.) This past week was my first week of unemployment, and I was uber busy doing...nothing. As always, I had all the best intentions of getting our apartment cleaned and packed, but the days just seemed to slip away from me. Between naps, pedicures and pool time, I accomplished nothing more than reading a Young Adult novel. Meg, For The Win. So here's hoping that this week will prove somewhat more productive. I will be taking a break from packing on Thursday night to share a story at The Porch. 9pm, Muse Music in Provo. I'll be sharing some painful memories, so come see me turn red.
One final thought: At the pool there was a little boy named Jagger. As in Mick. I mean, I guess I'm not one to judge, since we plan to name Baby Walter after Otis Redding if it's a boy. But Jagger? After the man known for serious partying and womanizing? Am I being a prude?


  1. otis is also on our top baby boy names list. unless you are planning to name your child redding, which is fine too.

  2. Where I live, people name dogs Jagger. Lots of them.

  3. I know a 10 year old named Jagger, and he has a brother named Talon. The Mom has interesting name choices.


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