Monday, July 18, 2011

lego my eggo

Guys, I'm really pregnant. Up until this afternoon I was still not convinced. I thought maybe the p-test and blood work were both false positives, and maybe the nausea was due to a three month case of food poisoning. I grew even more skeptical when my doctor failed to find the heart beat with the doppler. Then they brought in an ultra sound machine, hooked me up, and I stared at what looked to me like an empty womb. But then the nurse said, "There's your baby, and there's its beating heart." And there it was, a little nubbin, with a little flutter. "Oh My Gosh, there's really a baby in there," I said to the nurse, a little teary-eyed. She nodded, which was nicer than saying "No duh."

Today I also had my first vomiting in public episode. I remember years ago filling my car with gas at the nearest 7-11, and in disgust watching the woman next to me puke repeatedly into a trash can. "Sorry," she said to me. "I'm pregnant." I remember thinking "Woman! Hide yourself from society. Go home and don't leave until you're recovered" I also thought, "If this is what pregnancy is about, count me out." I obviously forgot about that latter part, and I obviously have come to better understand the 7-11 puker and her plight. It happens without warning, which is why during my run this morning I stopped at a bus stop on a rather busy street, and ejected my stomach's contents into the waste bin.


  1. at least your public puking wasn't on a police man. however, that particular "public servant" was a byu rent-a-cop man who had just given me a parking ticket. he probably deserved it.

  2. At least you were running, maybe people will just assume it's because you are an extreme runner. You've just run a marathon. You're running a Forrest Gump amount.


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