Monday, July 25, 2011

more mature

So far I've found $16.25 while organizing today. I also went to Home Depot, which is always a blast, and I'm not being snarky. I love Home Depot. I love the array of people at Home Depot on a Monday morning. I think most of them are bored, and flock to the home repair mecca, where they can buy the materials to start any number of projects, and never finish them.

This Friday we may be able to find out the gender of Baby W. "What?" you ask. "How can that be at only 14 weeks?". Well, let's just say I know a guy. And buy a guy, I mean a radiologist. Who works in a hospital. Not out of the back of a van. So, your guesses? I think it's a girl. Stephen thinks it's a boy. And for possible the first time ever, one of us will be 100% correct.


Don't be shy.