Monday, July 11, 2011

i saw her today

Stephen bought some laundry detergent and had the following interaction with the Harmons cashier:

Stephen: Can I also get a roll of quarters?
Cashier: (Mumbles something just below the level of human ear detection) Do you want the quarters   first?
Stephen: Ummm...what?
Cashier: (Fails to hide her annoyance) DO YOU WANT THE QUARTERS FIRST?
Stephen: No. Second.
Stephen: (Unable to just let it go) Why would I want the quarters first?
Cashier: You might want to pay with them.
Stephen: I might want to pay with the quarters that I'm paying for?
Cashier: (Holds the roll of quarters and stares at Stephen for twenty seconds) Are you going to pay for these?
Stephen: Oh. I wanted to put it on the card.
Cashier: Well then you should have hit "Cash Back"
Stephen: (Luckily finds $10 bill in wallet and hands it to the cashier, then walks away slowly).
Stephen to Me: The purpose of my existence is to provide content for your blog.

Thank goodness for that.


  1. funny. i usually find the people at harmon's to be more friendly than the average checker. unless i'm at day's at the checker is my sister. she's the friendliest to me.

  2. We've received some pretty cold responses to quarter roll requests too. It must be a sensitive subject...

  3. I know, we go to Harmon's for the outstanding service. There's just something about quarter requests.


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