Monday, February 27, 2012

never question bruce dickinson

Yesterday I turned 26 years old and Ivy turned one month old.
To celebrate, on Saturday night we took Ivy out for her first burger. She was super hungry and ordered a ton of food:

JUST KIDDING, settle down. I'm not feeding my infant fast food. She's a pretty strict vegetarian. In actuality, all the excitement was too  much for Ivy and she fell asleep. I, however, did some pretty serious damage to a cheeseburger and fries.

That crazy look in my eyes? That's burger lust. I love me a beef patty smothered in cheese.

Yesterday Stephen made pizza and I made a cake. We've been watching a lot of Cake Boss on Netflix, and we've started channeling Buddy (THE cake boss) while in the kitchen by saying things like, "The two of Youz, youz guyz set the table." or, "I gotta get this friggin cake made and then I gotta friggin eat it." It's the greatest show. I made chocolate cake because that's Ivy's favorite. JUST KIDDING, settle down, I'm not feeding my infant chocolate cake. She prefers vanilla. No, seriously, I'm just kidding. Please don't call the authorities.

Hey! You! What are you doing on March 30? There's no way you already have plans unless you're a celebrity or royalty or both like Kate Middleton. Kate? Are you reading? Please share all your beauty secrets. The rest of you should come to The Porch at Muse Music in Provo on March 30. Yours truly will be telling a story, and so will other more legit people. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. Purchase them here:

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  1. I just had to stifle laughs that were threatening to escape my lips while reading this. Why stifle, you ask? Well because it would have been inappropriate to laugh while in the middle of a meeting on the discrimination of Iranian minorities with lots of Serious People. I'm jet lagged and to prevent myself from doing something embarrassing like falling asleep I caught up on your blog in between lusting after the most man I've ever seen. Seriously, he's Iranian and dark and handsome and well dressed. I'd let myself be oppressed for a face like that. Please, don't tell the other feminists I said that.
    p.s. Your baby is real cute.


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