Monday, February 13, 2012

i have two ears and a heart, don't i?

Good news! We have another crazy neighbor. I "met" her today, and by met I mean we had an enounter. I was out with Ollie, who was taking care of business. From the top floor of our building rang the noise of a door slamming followed immediately by a woman yelling "Avery! Avery! Slow down!" Soon we saw the woman headed down the stairs, and it was obvious that Avery was her massive dog, who, as it seemed, is not very good at stairs. Down all three flights Avery tried to bolt, while our upstairs neighbor strained to control the beast that must be twice her body weight. I apologized for Ollie barking and quickly moved to another spot of lawn where monster dog was out of sight (though I could still hear "Avery no! Avery!"). I thought we were free and clear, and when Ollie finished we headed back inside. Bad timing, because Avery and owner walked up the stairs on the other side at the exact same time. So we met at the second floor landing, and when Avery saw Ollie, it was all upstairs lady could do to hold him back. My dog and I nearly sprinted to our door, and while I tried to unlock the door, she yelled "Hurry!" Have you ever been yelled at while trying to use a key? I imagine it's like being yelled at while trying to diffuse a bomb. Did she think I wasn't hurrying? Did the look of terror in my eyes fail to communicate how badly I wanted to get away from Avery? Every day brings a new friend here in our neck of the woods.

Ivy finds the above story troubling. 


  1. I can't stop laughing at this post. She really yelled, "Hurry!"!? My face is red, laughing so hard.

    Ivy's so sweet--she looks just like the two of you! What a darling.


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