Thursday, February 16, 2012

it's all right

Happy 3 weeks, Baby Ivy!

Has it only/already been three weeks? I feel like Ivy's always been part of our family, but I also feel like we were just in the hospital.

It's amazing the change that 3 weeks brings. Ivy's developed likes and dislikes (likes being held, dislikes not being held), deliberate facial expressions, the ability to reach out and touch, and a wide range of noises, including humming while she eats and growling while she sleeps. 

As for me, I forget I was ever pregnant. That is until I feel my jeans cutting off my circulation. But that might have more to do with eating brownies for breakfast than child-bearing.


  1. Meg, she is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!

  2. The fact that you're even in your jeans after only three weeks is incredible!

  3. Agree with Rachel. I think I wore pajamas for like at least two months out of sheer exhaustion, not to mention my jeans didn't fit quite yet. You look beautiful in that picture and Ivy does as well. Love this post.


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