Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'll never let go, jack

This cracked me up:

Bachelorettes Ashley and Allie take Emily under their wings, prepping her for her upcoming season of The Bachelorette. The day's activites included shopping, makeovers, and a movie, Titanic in 3D more specifically. All of that is normal enough, though they did go to the movie in mini dresses and probably froze to death because movie theaters are heckacold, and they probably couldn't eat any popcorn because they would bloat and rip their outfit. The hilarity ensued with their commentary of the movie. How it's the greatest love story of all time and the epitome of a perfect relationship. How Ashley and JP have that kind of love. How Emily deserves such love in her life. I have to assume this was their first time seeing Titanic, because SPOILER ALERT, the ship sinks. Jack dies. Wishing such tragedy on anyone else is sadistic. Wishing it on yourself is masochistic. Actually, that explains a lot about this television franchise.

In other news, I have approximately one million extra birth announcements. Want one? Send me an email with your address. You could leave a comment with yoru email, but then the spammers who seem to love my blog so much might hunt you down. To be fair, they are really nice and promise lots of fun things like herbal enhancement, extra income, and more comments on my blog, which totally works as you can tell by the number of comments this past week. Oh wait...this is awkward...

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  1. I got the announcement yesterday and loved it. what a cutie Ivy is. So..I have one, but wouldn't necessarily object to having another :)


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