Sunday, February 5, 2012

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I've read new mom blogs before, and thought to myself "Wow, your baby can yawn. Big whoop. Call me when he's juggling." I've been SO BORED reading about tummy time and baby baths. But what I failed to realize is how remarkable tummy time and baby baths are when it's your baby. Burps have never been so fascinating. So please forgive me if I treat the small baby stuff as though they are major world events. They're the new major events in my world.
Speaking of....
Ivy pulls faces. Technically involuntarily, but I can't help but project. Like after a sloppy swaddle or poorly changed diaper, she'll look at me, very concerned, like this:

As if to say, "I'm not entirely convinced that you know what you're doing."
And then sometimes she just gets goofy:

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