Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sell a used car to your grandmother

My dog is smarter than I am. He also has greater organizational skills and self control. I'll give Ollie a treat and I assume that he eats it. But the other day I learned that Ollie sometimes hides the treat under the bed, and saves it for when he's hungry later. Never once, in my entire life, have I been handed a treat and thought "You know, I would really enjoy this more later when I'm not quite so full." Every time I'm handed a treat, I eat it immediately, then search for more. And if I ever were disciplined enough to save a cookie, cupcake or brownie for later, the chances of me remembering were I hid it are slim. Very slim.

In further celebration of Anniversary Week:

I can't find the official video. But the point is, Stephen is skinny and we've lasted a year (almost). Skinny love. duh.


  1. oh dear. I ought to silently stalk, but I can't! 3rd grade pal Meg Morley turned out to be the wittiest writer and most refreshing human on the planet, and I had to tell you so.

    congratulations on achieving adulthood in my abscence, and for acquiring a most delightful sense of humor in the process.


  2. Lorraine! You're so nice. I admired your wedding photos on the FB but never commented. You look so happy.


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