Friday, April 1, 2011

It took a few years for me to realize that April Fools was a yearly thing, not a monthly occasion. Obviously, I understood that April Fools was for April, but I thought there was a March Fools and a September Fools, and so on. And I thought that the day of the  month didn't matter. Essentially I believed that every day was its own April Fools, and I acted accordingly, pulling pranks pretty much anytime I felt like it. But none of them were very successful. The saran wrap over the toilet was discovered, the toothpaste in the oreos was smelled, and no one believed my liess I didn't really get good at pranks until my twenties. It was only then that I truly mastered the art of deception. I faked an engagement. On Facebook. Christian, the fake fiance and I thought we'd get a few laughs. What we got was three hundred wall posts. And calls from bishops. And people congratulating us on campus.And family asking questions. And just a whole lot of trouble. I haven't really made many joking attempts since then, what the repurcussions being so severe. But maybe it's time to start May Fools again.

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