Wednesday, April 13, 2011

four million years

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This is probably only funny if you're a Morley. Sorry, nonMorleys.

This isn't the first JibJab my dad has made. It's usually a holiday thing. And there is one that I will always remember....cue blurry memory sequence.

It was my first winter in Latvia, and I was not doing well. It was cold, I could not speak Latvian, I did not enjoy running down people on the street to tell them about God, and I was fat. So fat. Sometimes girls say that they are fat when they've gained two pounds and their jeans are just a tiny bit snug. This was not that kind of fat. This was twenty pounds within three months. If I was a more secure person, I would share the pictures wherein I look as though I ate both the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Michelin Man. Some people wear their weight well. I wear any weight gained on my face. Being round faced to begin with, there really was no hope. I stopped sending photos home after the first transfer. It seems a simple solution, right? Diet. Exercise. Yes, I know. But thrity minutes of exercise barely made a dent in the chocolate intake. And I needed that chocolate. You know how people eat their feelings? I had a lot of feelings. And chocolate was the single solace. On top of that, Latvian cuisine consists of mainly potatoes and bread. Also my clothing was essentially a variety of tents, so it didn't really seem to matter what shape my body took.
So there I was, a chubby, sad, sister missionary, checking my email. I watched the JibJab Dad Brad sent, our family in a snow ball fight to some catchy tune. I laughed so hard, my double chin shook. And I made every other missionary watch it, as if they would care.
And so began the pattern of being highly amused by the slightly amusing. It's how I survived.


  1. She doesn't even go here!
    Do you even go here?
    No, I just have alot of feelings.
    Okay, go home.

  2. You're welcome.

    I want to make a cake of rainbows and sunshine.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I remember that day. And yes, it helped me survive too. Oh...latvia...

    The deleted comment was from me, but it said from andrew...didn't have the same was actually a really creepy effect...


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