Thursday, April 7, 2011

I dropped the black album

Dear cyclist,
Your bike is not a car. You may think you're fast. You probably are. But not 60 MPH fast. Therefore, I have to pass you in my car while you ride outragesouly close to my lane. You must want to die. That's fine, whatever, none of my business. But don't you think it's a bit cowardly? Forcing some poor driver to knock you off your bike and be forever responsible for your death? I can't handle that right now. I don't do well with guilt. Killing you would kill me.  So I guess this is a selfish request, but take the bike path.
I switch lanes just to avoid being anywhere near you.

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  1. dear biker,
    Also? when you're on more pedestrian roads? please choose whether or not you want to be a car or a pedestrian. we've already established that you're not a car. and when you drive on the sidewalks it freaks people out - especially the ones who don't want to hit/get hit by a biker. you know, just leave the bike at home. I'm so sick you.

    freaking hipster.



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