Monday, February 21, 2011

i like robert

I recently received an email from NPR that read,

"Thank you for your interest in the supervising producer position with All Things Considered. We received a large number of applications from candidates highly qualified for this job. At this time we have decided to move forward with an individual who more closely matches the skills and qualifications required for this role.

Cheyrl Imelda Hampton
Director, Journalism Recruiting

Here's the thing, Cheryl, I don't remember applying for this producer position, which means either A. you have me confused with someone else, or B, more likely, I applied quite a while ago. Like, at least a year. and really, Cheryl, sometimes never is better than late. Because there's nothing quite like getting rejected out of the blue. Just ask Shawntel, tonight's dejected bachelorette. It hurts. Especially when you're not expecting it. Although Shawntel maybe should have seen it coming after making Brad tour the funeral home and pretending to drain his blood and then making him sit through her father's lecture on inheriting the family business. I really can't blame Bachelor Brad for giving her the boot. But I can blame you, Cheryl. How horrible would it have been to just let me believe that my "you're hired!" letter was lost in the interwebs, or sent to the wrong person, or maybe never sent? Also, Imelda...please explain why your middle name is so rad and the rest of your name so boring. kthnx.

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  1. I got a rejection email the other day from where I currently am working as a new employee. I went in and quit because of the sheer disrespect. Okay not really I have work in 2 hours.


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