Thursday, February 10, 2011

hey dude

You, dear reader, I'm sure are well aware of my amazing domestic accomplishments. The cleaning, the cooking, the crafting...really, I've mastered it all. And I really don't mean to boast, but this is my blog after all. So admittedly, I'm just a tiny bit proud of the Marthaesque accomplishments of tonight. Lets list them, shall we?
-Having a natural feel for the sweet medlies of flavors that really make a meal sing, I added soy sauce to our ramen. This was, of course, a success.
-I watched Stephen do the dishes.
-I watched Stephen do the laundry.
-I started to feel guilty, so I cleaned the bathroom. Sort of.
-I folded two shirts before giving up and putting the laundry basket on the floor.
-I watched the entire NBC Thursday night line up.
-I stopped ollie from swallowing a gum wrapper.

Now, loyal fans, don't fret. You too will someday master the art of housekeeping.

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  1. But you do so much, how can I be like you? I can't even watch Jon clean and cook, it hurts my tender eyes.


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