Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Abraham Lincoln's Desk

We were eating breakfast next to a picturesque pond where colorful fish and a single, white swan swam. A grandmother and her grandaughter, the essence of innocence with long curly hair and a cherub-like face, approached the pong. Seemingly accustomed to visitors, the swan gracefully made its way over.  It was an exciting moment for all of us as were were able to more closely observe the beauty of the bird, it's elongated neck, dark eyes, and snow-white feathers. The excitement grew as the child held out her hand and the swan inched closer. It was to be a bridging of species, a connection between human and water fowl. A simple touch would communicate the respect of an entire breakfast balcony for one white swan. Then SNAP. The swan went for the kill and the girl, unharmed but terrified, ran away crying. We laughed for quite a while.

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  1. Priceless. Thank you for painting the picture in my head :)


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