Friday, February 11, 2011

For the third time

Sometimes Netflix Reccomendations are SPOT ON. Based on my interest in Vampire Diaries and Veronica Mars (note: I have never watched or searched for either of those) NF suggests:

"Thanks to a heavenly mix-up, rail-thin, super-shallow model Deb finds herself reincarnated as a whip-smart, large-size lawyer in this Lifetime dramedy series starring Brooke Elliott as the clothes hanger-turned-legal eagle Jane Bingum. At first distraught at her new, more womanly physique, Jane soon realizes she has something else new as well -- a brain! Margaret Cho co-stars as Jane's assistant."

Yes please!
This has all the makings of a show I'll love. First, a body switch. I'm a sucker for the body switch. I loved both Freaky  Fridays, and All of Me, and the Disney Channel Original Movie Wish Upon a Star. Lifetime. It really is the network for women. They just get me, you know? And what's more fun the a whip-smart large-size lawyer? I mean it's the dilemma we've all all faced at one point or another. Be rail thin (blond) and ditzy, or be large (burnette) and incredibly intelligent. And finally, Margaret Cho. I mean, how great is she?

So of course i watched the Pilot. It did not disappoint. A heaven with escalators. Chachi from Happy Days as a guardian angel. Stress eating easy cheese. The line "Thank you for believing in me!". The skinny ***** lawyer trying to take over Jane's case at the office. And a weird smiley closing shot. So many gems. I'm sold, and I'll keep watching. Thanks, Netflix!

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  1. does stephen have access to your account because... I'm guessing that Netflix is getting that from hiiiiiiiim


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