Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What if Bill Murray was not an actor, but instead the subject of a documentary, and Ground Hog's Day was an actual instance of day repetition caught on film? And what if it happened to you today? Would you be ok with repeating today forever? I thought I might be, but then I stepped outside. I tried to take Ollie for a short walk, and he sat down, barked, then turned to head back inside. And he's right. It's too cold to function. And not charming, snow covered, warm by the fire cold. It's bitter, brown grass, car won't start, hellacold. So no, I couldn't repeat today. But I think I could repeat a Saturday in early June.
What day would you repeat?

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  1. My wedding day...I know, how cliche, but it was a great day. And, it's fun to be all prettied up.


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