Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Please note: I am not pregnant. The following is nothing more than an indication of how ill prepared we would be to have a child.

I had a dream that some one gave us (The Walters) a new baby. I can't remember if it was a tester baby, or if we were tending, or really how we got the baby (which, according to Inception, is only logical). But anyway, I was going grocery shopping with the infant and it would not sit right in the shopping cart. I realize now that this was no fault of its (gender unknown), being but a week old, and yet I was so annoyed with thisu child's lack of abilty to balance while sitting, toppling over far too often for my tolerance limit.

Meanwhile, Stephen dreamed that I was pregnant, so we rushed to the hospital because apparently in Stephen's dream world gestation is about 30 seconds. I gave birth to a baby the size of a sea monkey ( his words), and then like those crazy foam toys you put in the bathtub, the baby expanded exponentially to the size of a standard new human, and said in a Brittish accent "It was rather hot in there." We named him Scott.

I would suspect these to be visions of things to come, execpt last night I dreamt of finding the ebola virus in space.


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