Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hey, you, get off of my cloud

The entertainment industry has ruined me.
There was a report of the Mafia's growth through all of Italy. Am I concerned for the well-being of the Italians? No. I'm craving cannoli and doing Marlin Brando impressions.
Another report, this of George Steinbrenner's death. Am I greiving for his family? No. I'm thinking about that time George Castanza decides to act on the opposite of all his instincts and lands a job with the Yankees.
A final report of drug violence in Mexico. That's right, My Little Buttercup runs through my head.


  1. but it's cool that it appears we were both listening to "morning edition" today.

  2. When I heard George Steinbrenner died all I could think of was George Castanza. How does HE feel?


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