Friday, July 9, 2010

one two jurassic crew

Is there anything more terrifying than driving behind a trailer full of port-a-potties loosely bound with rope? No. There isn't.
Speaking of...
Yesterday morning I was rushing to groom and get to work on time. I couldn't find my hair brush. It's not a large apartment. It usually takes ten seconds to find something. But the brush was no where I would have expected it to be, and with five minutes left before the essential departure time, I was panicked. Then to my relief I found it. In the bathroom trash. I assumed I had placed it there by mistake, and the bathroom trash is never gross, so I fished it out, brushed my hair and ran out the door.
Then I was talking to Stephen at lunch, because we're precious like that, and mid-sentence he stopped and said "Meg, did you use the hairbrush?". I said of course, and then he laughed. And then he laughed more. And then he said "It was in the trash." Turns out it was placed there by him. Turns out there was a reason the handle was wet. Turns out the shelf where the hairbrush sits is too close to the toilet.


Don't be shy.