Monday, July 12, 2010

have you seen her dressed in blue?

We may not ever be allowed back in an Urban Outfitter. But it's not our fault. The clothing gods must have determined that the Walters are simply not cool enough to set foot in hipsterville. It started while we were paying, and a frantic worker ran up to us holding a number of detached tags and asked, "Do you know anything about these?" I told him they were on the floor of the dressing room, because they were. He seemed unconvinced, but since we were in fact paying, he let us go with a glare. Slightly humiliated, we headed for the exit. But the doors beeped. Another disgruntled employee met us were we stood still, terriffied. She checked the receipt, found the magnet still on a shirt, had it removed, and we were on our way once more. But no. The doors beeped again. Stephen walked through. He was fine. I walked through. Not fine. we tried scanning my bag. It was fine. I walked through alone. Not fine. We checked everything I was wearing. There was nothing to set it off. Just me. Either I'm super magnetic and need to start captilizing on my powers by wearing a full body suit and changing my name no Meg the Magnetic, or it's a sign that I really do not belong in trendy threads.


  1. I wanted to say something clever like "Stephen stole you away," but it sounded better in my head...I guess you're just Magnetic Meg after all.

  2. that could be a cool mutant mutation for the next X-men. maybe you could even convince the writers you should play the part. i mean, it is your mutation after all.

  3. I am sure it was'nt the 100 or more other people in the store with gauge ear rings or body tatoos that cut off the price tags. You two were the most likely looking suspects.


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