Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have you ever seen an In-n-Out employee not smiling? I haven't. And it's starting to make me nervous. We frequent that fine establishment more often than we should. And everytime we're met by at least three cheery employees. And they're not just holding a pleasant face. Not just looking pleased. No. They're flashing big toothy grins. When's the last time you had a toothy grin all day at work? What's going on in that kitchen of theirs? It has to be an occult brainwashing or drugs. Maybe both. Also, how often do they wash they're uniforms? Once every half hour? Because they're spotless. They work with fast food and they're white uniforms are without a single smudge. Does this not freak you out? Who are these superhumans? And why are they making hamburgers?

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  1. it's because they get paid $10 an hour for a minimum wage difficulty job. that's why they smile.

    - via dave (an economics major) -


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