Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's the news from your bed?

A cupcake for breakfast may not have been the best idea. But I'm looking forward to another at lunch.

Sometimes I'm deep in thought and you can see it. Like, you can watch me think. So I was pondering some issue or another, and my lips puckered and my brow furrowed and the elevator opened. I stood face to face with a stranger, while looking like a confused goldfish. There's no recovering from that.


  1. no no. one cupcake for breakfast? we're not going to feel bad about that. 10 cupcakes? maybe. and my three brownies for breakfast this morning? I'm not feeling bad about those either.

  2. you make me so jealous. but i had a cupcake last night thanks to miss britt so i'm okay. let me know next time so i can enjoy it with you

  3. I had cookies for breakfast yesterday which meant I drank milk instead of reaching for a diet coke - small victory, right?


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