Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last Christmas

You know what's a fun place? The testing center. I just can't get enough of that feeling when I walk through the front doors. The palpable anxiety...not only mine but that of 200 other students. All greasy haired, blood-shot eyed, on the verge of something real bad. I also love paying for my test. $5 can buy me 2 chicken tacos and a diet coke, but who wants that when I can have a 13 page examination on early British literature? And really, there's nothing better than the dramatic drop of my stomach when I scan the first page of said exam and have absolutely no idea what any of the questions are even attempting to ask. It's really awesome that every time I opt for the music room, they're playing the soundtrack to A Man From Snowy River. I've been at BYU since 2004. Every. Time. It's one of my favorite things when the person behind me has brought a cheese burger to snack on while filling out a scantron, after my day spent in the library eating the occasional almond hidden in my bag. And the person the row over with the cold who sniffs once every 8 seconds, loud and mucousy, so great. And even greater that I know they're sniffing once every eight seconds because I'd rather time their body's audible functions than decipher whether it was Donne or Herbert who wrote the metaphysical tetrameter couplet.


  1. i totally forgot about the music room. i hated that room. but i've never seen a man from snowy river so i never knew why i hated it.

  2. How can "Jessica's theme" not uplift your test taking, no matter how many times you've heard it before? It takes me back to the time when I broke a wild colt to win the affections of a sassy young rich girl. All it took was a little back mountain love from a man like me to inspire her to play that theme with such gentle passion.

  3. Seriously. Everything you said, seriously. It'll be over soon??

    And, have you read anything by Sarah Vowell? Todd and I listened to her book on CD, "Assassination Vacation" on our trip to IL. You sound a lot like her, to me at least, in your writing "voice".

    I hope if you have read her you like her, because I do. If you have read her and don't like her, sorry.

    See you this Christmas!!


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