Monday, November 23, 2009

Come on, skinny love

Do you think librarians read a lot? Or are they just really good at the Dewey Decimal system? If the latter, I'm qualified. Here's why:

(Te be performed as a rap)
"Hi! My name's Dewey. And I work in the library. I got a ladder, long arms, and one day my boss said to me: 'Hey Dewey! Are you busy? I need reference right away!' 000-099, grab the ladder climb and climb!"

And they say the public school system isn't good for much.


  1. cary sings that song all the time to me.

  2. Canyon Crest Library Aides UNITE.

  3. What we nerdy librarians always say in library school is that we haven't read everything or know the answers to everything, we just know how to find all the answers.


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