Monday, November 16, 2009

Well alright

What would happen if we never pushed in our chairs? I think we're taught from a young age to push in chairs as a courtesy. But really, isn't it a greater courtesy to leave the chair out for the next person who wants a seat? I guess there's a tripping hazard, but anyone who can't see a chair in their path deserves to fall. This morning in the computer lab the boy next to me left without pushing his chair in. Appalled, and riding that high horse I often refuse to get off, I pushed in not only mine but his. I spent the rest of the afternoon praising myself until it hit me like a swift punch in the gut that he actually has it figured out much more than I.

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  1. What if I didn't want to sit in the chair but to pass by it? I would then be inconvenienced by having to squeeze through or walk around or push the chair in myself. In the process I'd curse the person who didn't push in their chair..


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