Thursday, March 8, 2012

Special crisis, Oliver's lament

Ollie had a good run as the favorite child. He spent an entire year being our baby and receiving all the attention he constantly demanded.
But now we have an actual baby and it' seems difficult for Ollie to understand.
He's really great with Ivy, very gentle and loving. It's Stephen and I that he resents. In fact he's growling at me as I type.
He's clingy. Literally. When we walk past he uses his front paws to grab onto our legs while we drag him down the hall. It would be hilarious and cute if I wasn't always holding a baby while he did it.
He's delusional. He spent ten minutes barking at a cardboard box last night before shredding it to a hundred pieces.
He's needy. He insists on being taken outside, then instead of taking care of potty business, he just looks up at me, his stare conveying, "Remember this? When it was just you and me? Gone are the days."
Before you feel too sorry for him and  break into our apartment to whisk him away to a better home, know that he gets two bowls of food a day plus treats, a walk every day, plenty of toys and a comfy bed to sleep on each night. He's fine.

In other news, Babykins is 6 weeks old today:


  1. This happened to our dog too. When I would nurse alice gertie would sit and whine incessently at me...i started throwing pillows at her

  2. Hahah. Poor Ollie :) And Ivy is seriously such a BEAUTIFUL baby! Not just cute, but really pretty!!


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