Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skip this post if you find baby updates boring

It's difficult to really capture what Ivy looks like in photographs. Probably because I don't really know what I'm doing and because the camera freaks her out. This picture is the closest we've come to accuracy:

Baby Ivy, 7 weeks old

What you can tell from the above: Her hair has a hint of red. Like mine. Her hair dries in a mohawk. Unlike mie. She is alert. She spents most of her waking hours looking around, taking it all in. Her eyes are blue. Very very blue. She has a skin tag on her left ear. It will get removed, eventually. She enjoys lounging on her boppy pillow. Who wouldn't, amirite?

What you can't tell from the above: She's smiley. Something I have yet to catch with the camera because the camera makes her scowl. Like this:

She's discovered her voice and loves using it. Yesterday she learned how to yell. Not cry, just yell. Like she has very important things to declare. As I write this she's on the ground, kicking, talking to one of those toy hangy things and grabbing at the toys. She is incredibly long. Her feet nearly dangle off the edge of her swing and she's not even two months old yet. She's also too tall for some of her 0-3 month outfits. She is not a fan of baths, most likely because I'm not bathing her correctly. She loves being in motion. Car rides and walks are our favorite shared past times. She's being very considerate with her sleeping habits, waking up only once and falling immediately back to sleep after eating, then waking for the day around 8. Seriously. It's awesome. She comes alive at night, much like her parents in our younger college days. 10-12 pm is her happiest, most active time. A comfy blanket, binky and some snuggling seem to solve most of her problems. When taking care of business, she looks at me sideways and smirks. It's my cue for a diaper change.


  1. I showed Blake that top picture and he said "now THAT is a cute baby." I hope you know how much of an honor that is. I can count on one hand the number of babies that Blake thinks are cute :)

  2. She is so beautiful! and I for one love baby updates.

  3. Seriously! Ivy is not just a cute baby. She is beautiful. It's amazing! And it sounds like she is growing into quite a sweet little baby too!!

  4. Well, she's completely darling. Not that I doubted before, but still.


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