Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I made it work, Tim G.

I crafted! I'm crafty!

Obvs, I still need to hem the bottom. But that could take another month.

The dress looks better if you squint. Also, whatever you do, do not turn the dress inside out. It's total chaos. My guess is that Ivy will wear the dress for one minute before the  haphazard seams start to drive her bananas and we have a total infant meltdown on our hands. Don't worry, I'll take 45 pictures in those 60 seconds. #the camera is my crack cocaine.
This beast was my second project of the week. The first was cutting my own bangs. They, too, look better if you squint.
I think next time I'll purchase an actual textile pattern instead of just wingin' it from some super vague instructions off the World Wide Web.

Speaking of internets, is it just me, or are the blogger captchas getting out of control? Like, 27 characters out of control. Sometimes I'll go to leave a comment but the captcha is so crazy that all I can do is give up and walk away. It's not like those letters and numbers are easy to read. Is it an "L", or a "1"? Sometimes I fail the captchas, which makes me wonder if I'm really a spam robot and no one ever told me. #time for my lunch of scrap metal and brains. #just kidding. #OR AM I? #om nom nom.


  1. I totally agree. It always takes me about four tries to get the thing correctly. Oh well.

  2. Please remove the pins before putting it on Ivy

  3. I am so down with hash tag jokes.



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