Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maybe I'll eat cheesecake for lunch. Try and stop me.

It was about 10am and I was hungry. I opened the fridge and pulled out the pasta salad. A certain member of my family (hint: the father of my child) pulled a disgusted face and said, "Ew, for breakfast? Gross." That's not the first time my morning meal has been scoffed at. A roommate once saw me eating a bowl of peas in the am and nearly lost her own breakfast. Why? What is so wrong with nonbreakfast foods for breakfast? What's more innocent than peas? How is steak and eggs any better than pasta salad? Bacon better than a grilled cheese? Pancakes better than cold cuts? And a breakfast burrito? Give me a break. That's a burrito with eggs. Just because I prefer the savory side of life and tend to avoid syrup drenched cuisine, I'm considered a culinary heritic.

Yesterday was Ivy's two month mark.

 She's decided that she has lots of opinions about lots of different things, and that it's important to make
those opinions known to the world. Be it smiley babbles or red-face screams, she's a communicator. Also a cuddler:


  1. I ate a grilled ham and cheese for breakfast this morning.

  2. I love baby Ivy. What a sweet face!! Oh, and Meg, you're so weird about the breakfast thing. Just kidding. You're not.

  3. I eat breakfast for every meal sometimes. I don't know if that's similarly "weird," but I love breakfast. So.


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