Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm either becoming increasingly preoccupied or increasingly stupid.
I walked up to the front door of our apartment, pulled out the keys from my bag, then pressed the unlock button on my car key. Twice. And waited for my front door to click open. Then my caveman brain finally registered HOUSE NOT CAR.
In the shower I squoze the conditioner onto my hand, then rubbed it all over my face. The hair conditioner. On my face. It would be one thing if I was confused, messed up the the shower procedure and thought that I was using face wash. That would be understandable, however I haven't owned face wash for the past ten years.
It's like someone tried to give me a lobotomy but removed the wrong part of my brain, since my emotions are still very much intact. I'm Tearsy McCriesalot (bless Stephen's heart). Hormonesy McWeepster.
I can blame pregnancy, right? I blame everything else on pregnancy, including not making the bed this morning and eating a grilled cheese sandwich every day.


  1. i'm laughing out loud in class right now. oh yep, just thought about the Tearsy CcCriestalot again and burst into another bout of muffled giggles. in class.

  2. I crack up thinking about you laughing in class. Blog joy.

  3. blog joy indeed. also, i will be utah for chirstmas and i will want to see all three of you. i'm including the fetus because it will almost be a baby by that point.


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