Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I wish I didn't know

Me: I would like a number 4 and also some onion rings.
Burger Supreme cashier: So you'd like onion rings instead of fries?
Me: No. Both.
Cashier: Oh...um....ok.

As long as I'm confessing bad habits, I guess now is as good a time as any to admit that I've started watching Gossip Girl. I would tell you not to judge me, but let's face it- I deserve to be judged. The show is pretty terrible. Every episode I ask myself the following questions:

1. Am I really supposed to believe that these people are 17? I believe that they've been 17 for ten years. So maybe they're vampires? But I thought that was a different CW show? Is CW the vampire network now?
2. Am I really supposed to believe that the age difference between the students and their parents is greater than five years? Because I don't. I'm almost positive that Rufus and his son Dan are the same age. Yes, the dude is named Rufus.
3. Am I really supposed to believe that every eating establishment in New York City serves alcohol to minors without question? Wouldn't there be serious consequences if they were caught doing so? Do laws not apply to the rich?
4. Am I supposed to find Chuck Bass attractive? He reminds me of Gopher from Winnie The Pooh, minus the charm.
5. Am I supposed to sypmathize with any character? I guess I feel bad that they all have to put up with each other.
6. Do rich kids really have a party every night? I'm told over and over how smart all of these kids are, and the entire first season I've seen one character doing homework one time. The same character whose story is published in The New Yorker. Because it's just that easy to get published in The New Yorker. PLEASE.
7. Do rich kids really buy a new outifit for every party every night? I remember buying a GAP turtle neck for a party in 7th grade. One of the two parties I attended that year. I really have no reason for sharing that anecdote.

It's a  ridiculous program. But I can't stop. Last night I watched two episodes in a row. Then I woke Stephen up just to tell him about the SHOCKING revelation at the end of episode 15.

XOXO, Gossip Girl's latest reluctant fan.


  1. Such good points! It's like watching the OC. I used to watch the OC. And I loved it. I was very aware of how terrible it was... but I couldn't stop watching. Apparently, rich kids have siblings who live in the ghetto and shoot people (??) but come to the OC just to shake stuff up. I don't know. Kinda like how a lot of TV shows like to portray that all teenagers are having sex with each other. I don't buy that either. (GLEE, anyone?) I'd like to meet teenagers oozing as much confidence as the Gossip Girl people, the Glee jerks and all the rest of them. Then I'll believe it.


  2. ha - i watch it too. guilty. it's the east coast version of the o.c. (which i was also a fan of) same writer as well! bad example, bad show, chuck bass is NOT attractive... and still i watch it... my husband also wonders how they all drink in public! but yes, i remember high school. everyone drinks and has relationships with each other - no surprise there! too bad - i look at high school kids now and they all look like they're in 6th grade!

  3. It is a lot like the OC, and maybe that's why I like it.

  4. A couple months ago, Todd caught me watching an episode from the current season [#5, in case you weren't aware], and sat in on a little bit of it. The next day, I started watching the next episode. He came into the room just as it started and he felt mildly offended that I would watch it without him. I conceded to stop watching it until he could join me that evening. When we got set up to watch it, he was asking so many questions about backstory that I summed it up by saying, "they've all slept with each other".

    That wasn't enough for him. We now own a boxed set of seasons one through four.

    We consider it an anthropological documentary on privileged high school students from the upper east side of Manhattan. In fact, we don't call it Gossip Girl anymore. We call it Upper East Siders, and lament over their unfortunate amounts of lavish entitlements, which lead to their personal and collective moral downfalls.

    It goes without saying that you can borrow our boxed set when we get home.

    And we're halfway through season two.


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