Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wash your hands, kevin

This morning I was stopped in traffic for a long time. Next to a bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I only ate two, although one of the two was extra large. I also only sent two "I'm bored, save me" texts. As though the recipients would call with a list of jokes to keep me laughing for ninety minutes because they have nothing better to do. I made it thirty minutes listening to real news before switching to celebrity news (Paris Hilton was caught with cocaine in Las Vegas). I saw the guy in front of me spill something, freak out, then spend ten minutes cleaning it up. We didn't move at all during that time. And even though we were moving at an average speed of 7mph, the old couple to my right never went over 3. I didn't swear, though I did sing off key.

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  1. I have been behind on blog world, and I forgot how much I loved your wit. Brilliant writing. I noticed your post just below and am considering the Man Men phenomenon. Not sure it's a good idea when I am just starting school again....


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