Monday, August 23, 2010

need a bigger boat

This morning I saw a family on their way to the first day of school. There were four children yelling, one with his back pack stuck in the front door, another with a pet bird on his finger, and a very frazzled looking mother waiting in the car. I was so jealous. I want to go to school. Not necessarily the third grade, but I would like to start writing assignments in my crisp new planner I'll lose a week later, buy $425 worth of books I'll read a third of and play the name game with strangers whose names I'll forget and fail to learn all semester. I want to buy chocolate almonds from the bookstore candy counter. I want to run to campus cause I'm late.
I know that 5 monthes ago I couldn't wait to get on with my life. Damn hindsight.


  1. I'm figuring out how I'll still be able to go to school after law school...

    seriously. I have no idea how to give this up. working/having a pay check = awesome... but...

  2. i am totally there right now. especially because i've yet to find a "real" job. i think i'll always want to be a student.


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