Friday, August 6, 2010

even though you can

This morning while running my usually route, I was surprised to find a deer not too far away. Which at first was awe inspiring, but soon became awkward as I realized I would eventually come to the runner's dilemma: pass or run slower. To pass someone on the trail is to essentially flip them the fitness bird. It is to say "It's a shame you can't keep up." "I was so bored back there, waiting for you to start moving." It's deflating. I know. I've been passed. But then there's protecting their feelings, staying a safe distance behind, and slowing down significantly.I mean, it's great the deer is taking care of herself. Maybe she recently gave birth and is getting over the fawn pounds. Maybe she's noticed the ill-effects of tree bark consumption and has decided to increase her cardio. And who am I to discourage her? But I have to get to work on time. I came very close to decision time, when the dear realized I was in fact a person creeping up behind her, and she took off in the other direction. Thanks, nature.
I  have no idea why "cardio" is highlighted.
And speaking of, I think that if my 17-year-old-runs-a-million-miles-a- week version of me knew about the current-lucky-if-I-get-a-mile-in version, she might cry. She might yell, "what have you become?!" She'd probably be dramatic. But then I would laugh at her hair. Cause it's poofy. And I would probably make fun of her jeans because HOLY BELLED BOTTOM.


  1. But it was a cute poof...and sexy bells.

  2. i liked this. especially as i can relate to being passed. and i love the feeling of passing. especially when i turn around and run backwards and clap at the runner saying "keep up the good work!" and then laugh and keep running. which has never happened. but maybe one day..


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