Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey, you've got to hide your love away

My mobile telephone has died. Or is dying. I can no longer make calls, and I'm assuming I can no longer receive them, though I might just be telling myself that.
This has been a long time coming. There was the Perrier accident of Summer 2009. A cap not screwed on correctly, a full bottle of sparkling water, a wet bag, and the loss of all camera functionality. Then there was the back pocket of incident of Fall 2009. I won't get too graphic, but I will tell you that there was a body of water, some pants, some almost flushing, and that it was suspiciously similar to the hair brush incident of June, 2010. More recently was the "sat on the phone" episode wherein I discovered that the desk job has changed my body mass more than I would like to admit. There are also the innumerable droppings, mashings, and losings of the phone, each recovery more miraculous than the one before. But this cat is at the end of life 9, and it's time to find a replacement. I know that I don't do well with replacing one beloved figure with another just like it, as evidenced in my love for Steve, Hermit Crab #1, and apthy for Carl, Hermit Crab #2. (in my defense, Carl was not very friendly). I should probably not get another Sony Ericsson flip phone because I will eventually stop feeding it and cleaning it's cage until it sinks into its shell, never to emerge again.
I don't want a phone smarter than I am, though I would like to play Angry Birds. Suggestions please.


  1. Angry birds is amazing. Justin deleted it from his ipod touch after he got bored of it and I got a little upset. He got to play it a lot more (since it travels to work and school with him, not me), and I hadn't had my fill yet. Argh.

  2. What carrier do you use? I'd say get an android phone but alas, there is no angry birds.


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