Tuesday, August 24, 2010

four horsemen

I don't care for feelings. I especially don't care for blogging about feelings. But guys, I need the advice of the interwebs.
I don't know what to do with my life. Cliche, sure, but it's become my cliche.
I know I want to go to grad school. I just don't know what kind.
I might go to law school. I'll for sure take the LSAT, cause I might as well. But do I want to be a lawyer? Do I want to wear nylons everyday?
For a long time I though I wanted a creative writing MFA. But do I? Do I want to be one of those writers that no one reads because they write like they have an MFA?
Maybe I should just shoot straight for retirement and open a floral shop and spend all day with the Hollycocks and Bells of Ireland.

Interwebs, guide me.


  1. dear meg. here's something. just. something that was an eye-opener for me.

    when I seriously thought about it, if money just miraculously came into my bank account no matter what I did. what would I do?

    I would do event planning. no question.

    that's a springboard for the next two, more difficult questions: are you good at it? will someone pay you to do it?

    so why did I not do event planning? because I have no spine, and law sounded like a good second choice.

  2. i like the third option :) but you are an incredible writer, so no matter what you do, keep writing!!!

  3. Dear Meg:

    Don't do law school. You would hate it. No creativity in the law writing..it would drive you mad.


    Girl from a Lawyer Family

  4. i'm right there with you. it seems everyday i'm considering a new career path.

    for sure keep doing what you love. i'm hoping to find an occupation where i can get paid to read. maybe you should be guiding me?


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