Wednesday, September 30, 2009

that was drownded

I'm in the library. I shouldn't be in the library. I have none of the books I need with me. I should go home, retrieve the books, and then return to the library prepared. But that would mean stepping outside. Which would mean freezing to death. Which would mean not making it to 24. Which would mean I died before I even finished growing. And I feel like I have at least another inch before I reach the height of potential. Ha. Height. Potential. Laugh.

Allie once told me she wanted to date Edward McCullen because vampires drive fast cars and he could come pick her up wherever she was. I thought that was weird. Now i think she's spot on.


  1. I wore sandals today? why do I even try...

    glee tonight.

    be there

  2. it's actually it sad that I know that?


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