Friday, September 11, 2009

Deep Blue Sea Darlin'

I glared. Partly in disbelief, but mostly because I wanted the swarm of strangerse striding through campus to know that I was in disbelief. At this girl. Singing, outloud. It's important that these strangers know I have no relation, let alone fondness for this leapord-print-sunglass-wearing-wack-job. I called her that in my mind so that whoever is reading my mind knows that is my opinion of her. But then I listened to what it was she so melodiously declared. The lyrics were as follows: "I'm singing outloud. I'm singing out loud." She repeated this, oh I don't know, like 84 times. And her feat BLEW MY MIND. She declared what she was doing, and what she was doing was declaring what she was doing. But then I remembered that I hated her. And then another goof walked by singing tenor and I thought "I go to crazy school", again to impress my mind reader who at this point probably thought "Man, weak zingers." BYUSA handed me a
flier and I told them no, I won't go their Fallfest, and when I overheard the conversation a few feet away erupt in "He's probably a really great kisser" I imagined a mouth turning green and falling out of a head. "Don't do it, I thought". I cant' eat a sandwich and declare that I'm eating a sandwich in the same action. I can declare that I'm eating a sandwich, then take a bite, but it is two different actions at two different moments, and my declaration and action are not one in the same. This kid just came between me and the guy next to me in the computer lab. Very much in my bubbble. I wanted to push him away, and tell him to wear a different hat. But I wonder how many people have seen me today and thought "Wow. She's wearing bright yellow pants." Because I am wearing bright yellow pants. I can't run and declare that I'm running and have it be the same thing. It's the same moment, but not the same action. The quill and the sword tent is just outside the library, housing the medieval-garbed. "Now really" I thought. But it was shaded and the had a lute which I've always wanted to try. I suppose I could say "I'm talking outloud", and what I was doing would be declaring what I was doing which is declaring what I'm doing. But I wouldn't be sung, so who would really care? Because what leapord-print-sunglass-wearing-wack-job was doing was philosophical and profound and beautiful and I hope that she didn't realize that it was so because that would ruin it don't you think?


  1. You need more sleep. When dream world and the world of the awake colide you end up with singing leopard skined images

  2. Wow, you totally brought me back to BYU. I remember the people who would whistle everywhere they go, and not just whistle to themselves, but whistle so everyone around them was aware of them and to a point that it was impossible to ignore. There were several times this guy would come whistling into the bathroom in such a manner and it drove me NUTS! What made it more awkward was that sometimes he would be whistling hymns.


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