Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Maybe you read the last post. Maybe you didn't. I hate to be pushy, so i won't suggest that if you haven't you probably should, because that's just presumptuous. But doing so may increase the "what the..." factor of today's account. Just saying.
So another run this morning. And like the last documented jog, all seemed normal, maybe even boring, until once more I came to a complete stop at the sight before me. Hanging from my neighbors' tree was a jagged quarter of a vinyl record, on which someone had written "I'll never forget you." Huh. I started up again. But then I stopped. I had to. Standing dead center in my path was a black cat. Did he scurry out of my way and let me be? Oh my sweet reader. No. No he did not. He turned, hissed darted toward me and then into the bushes.
Mom, stop reading.
The rest of you, i would not be surprised if this is the last you will hear from me. I mean really. Given the aforementioned events, it's not looking good for ol' Morley. And so for those who survive me, I record this final desire. A horror movie. The black cat, the shattered record, even the bunny and "Kicking It Old School" all amount to cinematic gold. Start with production in Japan.


  1. yeah, those were two really bad omens, i'd call it good for ya


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