Wednesday, September 23, 2009

But her will alone could sink it.

I think it might be a bit telling that I find marriage prep uber boring.

Watch this.

The other day someone asked me about the soul. About what souls really are, and whether or not every living organism has a soul. And if every living organism has one, and we're made up of l43 gagillion different cells, does that mean we're full of that many separate souls? To me the soul is nearly synonymous with personality, so the question made me laugh, because I pictured one cell, bouncing all around my spleen or whatever, turning excitedly to another cell, saying, "let's go for a bikeride!", and then the second cell, dark and pouty, "no, I don't feel like it." One cell in the brain reading James Joyce, another watching Walker Texas Ranger.

I guess it would explain the mood swings.


  1. my cells right now say something like this:
    go back to bed
    call your mom
    your damn phone is dead
    keep reading plato
    it's really cold down here (feet)

    but most of them are all singing along to Something... don't want to leave her now, you know I believe and how.

  2. Explains the craving for Dunford chocolate doughnut and a diet coke after hiking the Y… “cell soul in conflict”


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