Wednesday, June 3, 2009

alright. alright. alright alright alright. hey.

efy? y here? y now? At the end of every class I'm met with a swarm of cologned adolescents, in the halls, around the bookstore, Brigham Square, there is no refuge from the storm of florescent shirts and lanyards. but I do like watching, and listening, to the budding romances. The week of infatutaed bliss, the exchanging of emails and digits, one last hand hold, and then approximately 6 weeks of "URAQT" and "How will we make this work with me in Alaska and you in Springville?". And then, extinguished flame, hoping for another QT next summer.

There's a cat stuck in a tree outside my condo. I want to help but don't know how. Google says she'll come down eventually, but I would really like to call the fire department and watched a man in a red hat save old Mrs. Brown's kitten while a crowd of bystanders applauds.


  1. I remember those efy years.. so many crushes, so little time.

  2. EFY gets even more exciting when you live across the street from where they do their wednesday night game madness. Nothing like spending a whole night listening to each group's goofy team cheer. EVERY. WEDNESDAY.


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