Monday, June 22, 2009

mine gap

There are women at pools who look as though they were meant to wear a swim suit. Gracefully they stride along the poolside, charming all in their wake, perfectly proportioned, perfectly tanned. I am not one of them. My objective when buying a swimsuit is maximum coverage. And even when wearing the purchase, it's a test of long I can stand wearing it before giving way to insecurities and changing back into jeans. Today I decided to tough it out. I put on my extra long tankini, full coverage bottoms, and skirt to cover those troublesome upper thighs, and headed to the park, book in hand. I would gracefully glide to the perfect sunny spot, lay on the soft lawn, and perch my book in just the right position in which i can not only read comfortably but also look smashing. I would do that if I didn't keep tripping over my flip-flops and if my oversized skirt didn't keep falling off my bum and if the grass wasn't so itchy requiring a change of position every 30 seconds and if the sun wasn't directly overhead making every reading position blinding and if my arm didn't keep falling asleep.


  1. never did like reading outside. always seems like a good idea.

  2. don't fret - it can be taught. not by ME mind you, but it can be.

  3. maybe a hat and blanket next time? though i'm also not the type of person who looks good in hats.


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