Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop talking Mrs. Wales class!

There's a business establishment near my residence named "Durfey's cleaners". And in this I find my consumer bias. I would not take my laundry to Durfey's, because I imagine a man, working on my linen skirt, full mug of coffee nearby, somehow trips spilling his coffee all over the wardrobe essential then yelling "DURF!" And then a coworker walking by comments "Wow you sure durfed that up". Or "What the durf happened?" So i think it may be wise to make a name change...maybe to Mr. Durfey's first name... Leroy's Cleaner's?

Carl has outgrown his shell. At first I thought he was finally warming up to my existence, showing his somehwat unnerving eyes and feelers more frequently of late. But as it turns out, he's being squeezed from his shell, as a corsett tied too tight. We'll be real friends, someday.


  1. lol. you are so insightful. way to find poetry in the prosaic.

  2. Yes. I'm not so sure I would trust those durfers either.


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