Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's not shy it's fatal

I don't dance in public, because my moves look alarmingly similar to this.
But I enjoy dancing. I hear music and I want to move. An ancient and primal instinct, alive and well in my uncoordinated body. I keep the urge under control for the sake of innocent Bystanders and my own dignity. A shoulder shrug or a toe tap is usually the extent of my expression. Usually, not always. Not a single cloud dares show its face in the summer morning sky as I run through the upper Provo hills. I look over the tree-filled valley, and am filled with...awesomeness. And the song blasting through the buds in my ear is spectacular. I can't help it. I start to move with a bit of spunk. A skippy sort of jog. And my arms. They want to move. They raise. a little. A little more. They're swinging in the air above my head. Peridoically i turn around, assuring a clear coast. And then I move my lips to the lyrics. I'm a dancing fool in the most foolish way. It feels so good.

Maybe I did it to have something to blog about. I've been guilty of that before. But really, I believe it was a moment of blissful insanity.


  1. that's one reason i've stopped listening to music while i run. i want to dance. and running while dancing takes longer than strictly running.

  2. I think throwing caution to the wind and just dancing is so cathartic that it dissipates any thought of embarrassment.

  3. love the desire to dance comments-- i love dancing too. my ten month old niece already shakes her head to any beat she hears...i love it!


Don't be shy.