Thursday, October 3, 2013

Found in Translation

This talking business has really started coming together  in the last couple weeks  for Ivy.
The  more she learns to say, the more apparent my parenting flaws become.
For instance, when someone is in Ivy's way and she would like them to move, she says, "Beep beep." She of course learned this from her mother and father who thought they were being cute  every time they said it to their toddler. They were wrong.
Also, she says "Ollie,  no!" a  lot, which might be a random pairing of two words she happens to know if she didn't say it in the exact exasperated tone that I use to scold the dog.
Finally, she calls chicken, as in the dead poultry variety, "chicky", as in the small, fluffy, baby bird variety.  Recognition that she's eating an adorable animal doesn't seem to faze her, which is kind of a relief, but also kind of alarming?

And then there's the stuff she says that's so precious I shed actual tears of joy. Like when she sees a playground and says, "weee!" or walks into my closet and slowly admires every piece of footwear, exclaiming "shoo-shoe!" at each  one, or when she says declares"Beeby!" when  she sees anyone child under the age of four.

There's also hilarity in her confused vocabulary. She calls monkeys "babies" and any spotted animal is called "moo." When you ask her something she doesn't understand she answers with "Um...." and then a long string of gibberish.

Next stop...debate team.


  1. We have that same chair, but unfortunately we do not have an adorable toddler to sit in it.

    1. On the fortunate side, you probably don't have to wash it once a week like we do. Snack time problems.


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