Monday, July 15, 2013

I bet she has long hair

What does a good mother look like?
What does she do?
What does she say?

Does she have an interesting, successful career in a field that utilizes her education?
Does she refuse to work and instead spends her days baking artisan bread and sewing?
Or does she work part time fighting internet trolls so she can afford to go to Target instead of Walmart?

Does she tell her child that beauty is about what's on the inside and that she can be anything she dreams?
Does she tell her child that she's her everything and the source of all her happiness?
Or does she tell her child to stop hitting and to oh my gosh take a nap already?

Does she read her child all the children books on the book shelf?
Does she read from Shakespeare to develop in her child an early appreciation for literature?
Or does she have Netflix for Kids bookmarked on her browser and often ends up watching Arthur by herself on the couch after her child gets bored and wanders away to find some sort of trouble to get into?

Does she puree organic fruits and vegetables to feed her child three times a day?
Does she get those organic fruits and vegetables from her garden?
Or has she resorted to calling goldfish crackers and chocolate pudding a meal because at least she's eating something, anything?

Does she tell expectant mothers that their life is about to become so much happier than they ever imagined?
Does she tell expectant mothers that what they are about to do is the most important part of life?
Or do they say to expectant mothers, "It's a lot of poop."

Does her child always look pristine, dressed in the latest baby trends?
Does she refuse to put bows in her daughter's hair so her daughter will grow up a strong, independent minded feminist?
Or does her child look like this?

Does she check her phone at the park?
Wait, what? Really? Not even once?
I don't believe you.


  1. God bless you Meg Morley Walters. From here, you are KILLING it

    1. God bless you Cary Crall for saying so. And for sharing that video.


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