Sunday, July 28, 2013

A post about actual life

As far as weeks go, this past one was pretty solid.
Have I mentioned that DC in the summer is normally hotter than the very bowels of Hell? Well the Devil must have taken leave because we here in The District as the locals seem to call it, have been experiencing some perfectly lovely weather.
So on Thursday when  Stephen gchatted "Want to drop everything and go to the Nats game right now?" I gave an enthusiastic yes and fifteen minutes later we were in the car. Turns out Stephen's company has tickets for every Nats game. No one claimed them for this particular game, so to the lowly intern they went. We were surprised first of all to find that our tickets included parking in an actual lot, for free. We were surprised further still to find that our seats were not the nosebleeds we expected, but instead in the Diamond Club, just a few rows from the field. AND I GOT FREE NACHOS. FREE. NACHOS. Plus Diet Coke, obviously.

True fans are willing to give up nap time to attend a game

We walked away from that afternoon deciding that selling out is worth it if it means more baseball games like that. Then, what better way to follow up a great game (and it was great watching Harper hit the final, winning run in the bottom of the  ninth), than to go to another game?

"Your seats are four rows from the top," said the mean usher. 

This time at Camden Yards to watch the Orioles play the Red Sox. I was torn. I come from a long line of Red Sox fanatics, but it's hard to cheer for a team that lost so atrociously as they did. I took comfort in good company and some waffle fries with crab dip. And Diet Coke, obviously. 
Sitting in front of us were some youths, probably 18 or 19. A song I'd never heard played, and they knew every step to a dance I'd never seen. They asked how many children we had, assuming Ivy was the youngest of many. When the game ended, one of the girls asked me, "Ma'am,  can you take our picture?" Ma'am. So I guess I'm a ma'am now. 

Also, Stephen got new glasses,

"Smile. No, smile like a human. That's not a smile. Fine. Whatever."

and Ivy turned 18 months. 

She celebrated with a directorial debut

I apologize if you've seen these photos/video already on Instagram. I accept your apology if you don't follow me on Instagram. 

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