Thursday, December 13, 2012

You've had a birthday, roof roof roof

Hey Ollie!

Happy  second birthday! Yesterday you were a puppy but today you are a dog.
I know it hasn't been the easiest year for you. Ivy took a lot of our time and attention and more often than not your emotional needs were placed on the back burner. I know you ate your feelings since you gained six pounds since last December, and the stress seems to have turned your hair grey. You've had your hair pulled, your eyes poked, your food stolen, and your pride hurt too many times to count. And yet, you're still a good dog. You don't bite, you only bark sometimes, and you love us despite the borderline neglect. Thank you for not hurting Ivy. Thank you for cuddling. Thank you for being the best running buddy ever.

We love you, Ollie. Happy Birthday.

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